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In your voice lesson you will be guided in learning the foundations of singing, breath control, ear training, rhythm recognition, diction, identify and expand vocal range, musical style and interpretation, performance technique, and nurturing of your own individual quality of sound and musical style.  You will experience an immediate change in how you sing and gain self-confidence as you learn to express yourself through your music!
At the beginning of your session
your voice lesson will include “VOCALIZES”, vocal exercises, that help free your    voice, expand your vocal range, implement breath and vocal control, maintain placement and support, and learn to open the mouth and throat to properly shape the sound of your unique voice.  After some fun, and sometimes goofy exercises, you will transfer the technique of open and relaxed singing in a song that is appropriate for your vocal range and musical taste. 
As  you learn your song
you start to transfer many of the vocal techniques and musicianship skills that you have learned in your exercises.  In the process of learning to sing, I will encourage you to find a personal interpretation of your song and make it your own!
Singing is a natural extension of your speaking voice!
Learning to sing is very natural!  When you are born the first thing you do is cry. Crying is sustained sound and that is what you do when you sing!  Whether you sing for the love of it, want to become more confident in singing in public, or if you want to become a musical performer, singing is organic and a natural extension of your vocal expression.
In group sessions
students are encouraged to support and learn from their colleagues.  By observing someone else’s journey, you learn valuable skills of assessing another person’s vocal expertise, applying it to one’s own technique and “getting it” in a fun and supportive environment.  The group setting inspires quick learning and helpful guidance, along with invaluable qualities of empathy and encouragement.