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Traditional piano lessons tend to require the student first to learn to read or decode music in order to learn how to play the piano.  This “read first, play later” approach is slow and sometimes frustrating so students never acquire the ability to enjoy playing music and many lose their desire to continue learning.  The Simply Music® program is like “learning to talk”.  We all talked for years before we learned how to read and spell.  
In the Simply Music® program, we delay the music reading process and start by showing how to play music from a play-list that includes popular, classical, blues and jazz styles, and develop the ability to play chords and modern accompaniments in every musical key!  You find yourself having fun making music quickly!
After building a repertoire of 30-50 pieces covering a broad range of musical styles, students learn how to read and decode music and further their formal music education training in an innate and intuitive manner.
 simply musicis a remarkable piano and keyboard program from Australia that has beginning students playing great sounding popular, blues, classical, and accompaniment pieces immediately – from their very first lesson!  The simply music® method employs an unique “playing based” approach that is easily understood by children, teens, adults, and seniors.

“Our lessons with Caylia are magical!"                     Margie Rogers
“Caylia's enthusiasm for earnestness and creativity is just the right match for our kid."                                               Babette Hogan
“My experience with Ms. Chaiken is fascinating.  She makes learning fun and easy. Simply Music® has helped me improve the most in my playing.  It incorporates scales and lessons required in many easy-to-learn songs.                                           Brage Rollman

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